Use up your paper scraps with Tiny Tree Ring Stamp

Digging into my scrap paper box
I know, I know I haven't gotten over my crush on my Tiny Tree Rings Stamp.  Don't worry I'm sure I'll find a new love soon.   Last week I let the Tree Rings hide shyly in the background, but this week they are front and center plus I'm using my paper scraps which always makes me feel virtuous.

stamping on paper scraps
fussing cutting
After choosing some pinks and blues from my scrap paper box, I set about stamping them with my Tiny Tree Rings stamps.  I stamped three on each paper,  but was open to stamping more if needed.  Three of each was perfect for a card.  I couldn't help but feel this was a math problem, but as I'm a teacher in summer I blocked it from my mind at once!  

 I fussy cut the rings (Is it still fussy cutting if it's a circle?).  I cut around the outside, then middle and then inside of each paper thinking of Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo.  I wanted a little contrast so I went around the outside with some coordinating Distress Ink.  Then using foam tape in between I stacked the rings to make an abstract flower.  I put a tiny dot of black Enamel Accents in the center for good measure.

On watercolor paper, I brushed on simple leaves  and stems with Zig Clean Color markers and then water to give an abstract stem a leaf for each flower.  When they dried, I outlined them with a black pen because the rings have a black edge.  I added a few highlights with a white gel pen, but they really weren't noticeable. Then still using my Zigs, I chose a matching blue and put in a little sky.

It was at this point I really hated my card.  No picture no matter how hard I tried could make this card look good.  I left to hang out with my crafty cohorts and forgot about  it for a while.

A zing of inspiration hit me this morning.  The problem was the carefully watercolored leaves didn't match the lollipop flowers.  After ripping the tree rings off the card, it was time to start over.

 I drew straight lines with a ruler for stems which suited the flowers much better.  I edged my 80# Finch Bright white paper with some more Distress chipped sapphire.  It looked ok.  I wondered what would happen if I ran a wet paint brush over the edges and I loved the effect.  A couple of splashes of chipped sapphire pulled the whole thing together. 

I used the sentiment celebrate from my Doodle Blossoms stamp set on a little handmade fish tail banner. Now it was time to assemble the card.  I love using Ranger Collage Glue for paper crafting because putting elements on straight and centered is very challenging for me and the collage glue gives me time to fuss around with it. I glued it all on some Neenah Kraft Cover which I swiped right off the shelves in our shop.  Don't tell Joe!!

Tree Rings Flowers (I might do oranges and yellows next!)
Now I have a fun and whimsical card ready for a longtime friend whose birthday is right around the corner.

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