Making a toned background.

 Hi y'all,

Did March fly by for you?  I blinked and it's almost April.  Hopefully April brings rain.  We're in a serious drought in my home town.

Do you mind if I share a few adventures?  I volunteered to help paint a mural in one of our parks by a basketball court.  I met some kindred spirits and we had so much fun.  Here's where we left it.

Here's a bit that I worked on.

The lovely event coordinator gave me some extra paint.  Half of the items in my studio are leftovers from other people.  I'm happy to use them.  The paint was so lovely, I was inspired to create this landscape. It took three days for me to get it right.  Now it just needs a frame.

If it wasn't wonderful enough, Anat Ronen the muralist came to town. Her instagram account is absolutely amazing.  Lucky me, I'm taking a master class from her this evening.

Now for today's video.  You can watch it here.

Unfortunately, my phone is so old and I had so much trouble uploading it that there is no voice over. So I'll type through it.  I wanted to make a subtle but colorful background.  I started by dipping Scribble Sticks in water (Stabilo Woodies or Gelatos and other water soluable medium would work) and drew some rough rectanges.  Then I went around it with a warm gray paint.  A neutral gray would be beautiful, too. After it dried, I used white paint through a stencil.  Then I used the gray through a different stencil.  You can see me sketch a simple face thinking of that snippet of scripture -I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  If you'd like a lesson on drawing a face, Tam from Willowing and Dina Wakely both have videos on YouTube that really helped me.

By next month, I should have a new phone and maybe voice over on the video.  Mine is an iPhone 8.  Ancient.  

I wish you happy arting.  Here's your art quote of the month:

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - Pablo Picasso

My advice:  Art is for everyone.

Warm wishes,


 Hi y'all,

Today I have an art journal flip through to share.  I'm sharing it for a couple of reasons.  One big reason is part of being an artist is sharing.  I've been blessed.  Most people have been kind.  The artist community on Instagram is supportive.  I'm also a supporter of Dina Wakely.  Everyone in her group is especially lovely.  I'd like to challenge you to share your art.  If you tag me @pinkbunkadoo, I'll be able to see what you created.  Another big reason is practice.  In my art journal, I'm not looking for perfection which is way over rated.  I'm trying things out.  

Below is the quick flip through.

Here are some pieces that it inspired.  These pieces were in my recent art show.

During the flip through you might spot some inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by!




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I'm Back and I Have a Trick for you.

Hi y'all, I'm back! It's true I've been a way for a while. Some of it was a bad case of imposter syndrome, some of it was caring for my mom through her final months, and some if it was deciding to retire from teaching first grade. January was spent in thinking about returning to this space. I'm going to make some changes that are hopefully better for everyone. I'm letting go of posting links for products. You should feel like you can use what you've already collected. You probably have favorite products just like I do. If you have a question about any product that I've used, just ask in the comment section. I'll only be sharing what I'm currently working on. I love mixed media so I might work in an art journal, make a card, paint a canvas, or make a hand-made book. It will be surprise. I plan to be here about once a month. Now let's dig in to my new art journal spread.
Sketching faces isn't easy for me though I practice a lot. There are hundreds of faces sketched on paper in my studio. Many never see the light of day. But sometimes there is a sketch I like, and I have an easy way of getting it in my journal. Watch to see. Drawing over a sketch and then very lightly spritzing it with water and pressing it down on the paper that I wish to use is my short cut. I use a Stabilo All pencil, but any water soluable medium should work. After the image is dry on your chosen surface you can draw over it to make your lines stand out and then glue it in your journal. For the very old paper, I used a glue stick. It still tore, but no matter I just glued it down too.
Sometime I journal on my page and some times I add a quote. I keep an eye out for good quotes on Pinterest and pin them to a board. Later I can look through and choose on that fits the feel of the art journal page. I use my everyday handwriting. You should be comfortable using yours. Your art journal is an expression of you--your thoughts and feeling at a particular moment. It's never about perfection which is absolutely over rated. You can see my handwriting below.
Thanks for dropping by. See you soon. Warmly, Carolyn Some helpful links: My Etsy Shop Pink Bunkadoo Instagram Ranger Ink where I purchased most of the supplies I used today

Mixed media Altered Box

Hi y'all,

Combining recycling and art is a sweet spot for me.  You might know that I'm a first grade teacher as well as Etsy shop owner and paper crafter.  These boxes held reading materials for my classroom.  I couldn't wait to unpack and get my hands on these boxes.   Three dimensional projects are fun and look pretty sensational.  And it's not harder than making art journal pages.

To begin I put FolkArt White Chalk paint all over, doing two sides and then flipping the box when the sides were dry.  Then I gently sanded the box to show some distress.  I used black gesso on the corners and journaled with a white Posca pen.  If you connect your words when journaling and don't stop to worry with spelling it looks pretty cool.  Just write whatever is randomly on your mind--it's not a novel.

Then I used Tim Holtz's Mini Harlequin stencil and dabbed Dina Wakely Turquoise paint through it randomly on each side of the box.  I added black using Momento Tuxedo Black ink stamping with Tim Holtz's French Script Stamp (I'm unable to find a link)Stamper's Anonymous Forever Art Stamp ( no link ), and Stampendous Butterfly Stamp and Die Set.  Don't worry if you can't find the exact stamps I used.  Go through your stash and find what cool thing you have.

Then using Dina Wakely Tangerine and Lemon Heavy body paint, I made flower blobs.  I used Evergreen paint for stems and leaves.  I  left this to dry completely.  I added details to  the flowers by making sketchy lines with a dip pen and India ink.   If you hold the pen towards the back, you get freer lines that just look better.  I added shading with some Pitt Big Brush markers in coordinating colors, and smudging the ink with my fingers.   Lastly, I used the white Posca Pen to add highlights.

I filled in the butterfly's body with a black Posca Pen and colored with wings with water and a brush and Scribble Sticks.    I wanted to use my Fruits of the Spirit stamp set because of the wise and beautiful words.  I stamped one work by each flower. For the absolute final touch I flicked paint on the box with the black pen.  You have to flick it pretty hard, but you'll fill in empty spots and pull the piece together.

Now I have a box to store art supplies in my studio.  I always seem to need another container to organize my supplies. Need to organize your studio or craft room?  Make a worthy box for yourself and practice your art at the same time.

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FolkArt White Chalk Paint
black gesso
Harlequin stencil
Dina Wakely Heavy Body Paint
Momento Tuxedo Black Ink
Sttampendous Butterfly Stamp and Die Set
dip pen
India Ink
Pitt Big  Brush Markers
Scribble Sticks

Stencilbop Challenge

Hey Y'all,

Hopefully, you're keeping cool in your corner of the world.  It's blazing hot here, but that's normal for Texas.

I found a cool challenge for you so you can escape the heat and learn a new trick or two.  Nathalie Kalbach is a mixed media artist who creates stamps and stencils that show her love for her town Jersey City.  Click here to find out more about Nathalie and her challenge.  I recommend following her on Instagram. Just search for her name.  The challenge is called Stencilbop and it's about using your stencils in tons of cool ways.  The challenge prompts are released each day in August.

Her first Challenge was to use your stencil with acrylic paint.  I used a make up sponge to dab paint through circle stencils,  For me that is the easiest way to apply paint through stencils.  I used a variety of circle stencils in a variety of sizes.  I tend to start with a light color with a bigger stencil and gradually get smaller and darker.  And of course I have to add journaling.

The 2nd prompt was Eye Candy, so use your favorite stencil.  I love so many of my stencils!  I chose  Cell Theory by TCW and sprayed Dylusions Spray Ink through it and then spritzed it with a ton of water to get some drips.  Then I doodled a giraffe with a Retractable Sharpie ( I love these pens)and some florals, adding details with a Pink Posca Paint Pen--say that three times fast!

The last one I'm going to show you is Day 8 Fusion.  In this one you fuse acrylic paints and stamping to get delicious results.  I started with a layer of Dina Wakely Media Turquoise paint over a dried layer of gesso.  Then I used Dina Wakely's bull's eye stencil and some of her marine paint for my background, dabbing lightly. I'm sorry I can't provide a link-it seems there are no Bull's eye stencils  left.  Any circular stencil should get you the same results.  For the stamping I reached for my Tiny Tree Ring stamp.  I tend to use it whenever I can, because it's a great stamp for art journaling and mixed media. I used Distress Ink in Blueprint for stamping randomly in the background. I quickly and sketchily drew a botanical shape with a Stabilo All Pencil.  I also journaled on a scrap of mono print.  I felt the page needed more black to support the black of the pencil, so I stamped my Tiny Tree Ring stamp a few times in Momento Tuxedo Black Ink.  That balanced the page.
I know the Challenge has started, but the prompts go out and you finish when you can.  The group participating is very supportive.  Join us.


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Traveling Art Jounal

Hi y'all,

Summer is the time we dream of getting away from our daily routines.  I'm about to head to the lake and spend time with my Mom, Aunt and Uncle, and cousins.  My daughter lives nearby so she's going to pop in for a bit, too.  Whenever I travel, I truly miss my art studio.  It has all of my wonderful toys: Paints, paper, stamps, markers, etc.  A few years ago I started taking some materials with me.  Today I want to share with you how I build my kit, hoping you get away for a bit this summer.
Let's talk paper.  Usually I grab some sheets of watercolor paper from the pad. Without measuring I fold the paper in the size that I want to travel with me. I soak a round watercolor brush with water and paint a line down the fold.  I tear the the wet fold.  If your paper isn't tearing easily, wet it again. For my birthday this year, I received a Dina Wakely Media White Journal which has lovely white cotton paper. The book  is thick, but small.  I'm going to pack it this year to see how I feel about it.

Along with paper I usually bring some sort of water soluable medium to work with.  I'ver taken Scribble Sticks and watercolors. The Scribble Sticks are richly pigmented, you can color with them like a crayon, dip it in water and it looks like a marker, or brush a full waterbrush on the tip to pick up pigment that acts like watercolor.  The Jane Davenport Palettes are richly pigmented for watercolors, but easily thinned out with water.  A handy tin holds the color and a palette.   Both are fantastic.  Both come in a variety of palettes.
Travel watercolors

Scribble Sticks

If you like mixed media like me add some small scissors, a pencil, a glue stick, and a black and white paint pen.    Then find a pencil or make up bag that makes you happy to tuck your supplies in.  I found my canvas pencil pouch in a bargain bin. I have a tiny, adorable glass jar that I always bring, too. 

I've shared some of my very favorite products to work and travel with,  If you've found something amazing, please tell.

Happy Trails,


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Watercolor paper