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I recently discovered Mustard Seed Challenges.  You can read more about them here.  Their challenges help me reflect on my faith and stretch my creativity.  This month is a sketch challenge with the theme of creativity.  Confession time:  a sketch challenge is the hardest thing for me.  Maybe because working within a structure is trickier for me.

Thinking about Creativity led me to John 1 in the Bible.  It talks about Jesus being in the beginning and nothing was created without him.  Because of him we can be created anew.

I decided to make an art journal page because that is where I express my thoughts, dreams, and feelings....

It was about here when my dad became extremely ill and passed away.  I haven't been to this page in a couple of weeks, so I don't know if the challenge has changed.  My family and I are doing  okay....


I think the sketch given is unusual, beautiful, and challenging.

For the oval, I thought of a hand.  We create so much with our hands.  The image inside the oval is a delicate butterfly symbolizing us as new creatures in Christ.  And the heart is for how much we are loved.


Thanks Mustard Seed Faith Challenges for this experience.



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