Swirly Cupcake Cards

Hi y'all,

I almost called this post how to cover up a million mistakes.  I am going to show you my boo boos and fixes.

I have some super important people with birthdays this summer so I pulled out my Swirly Cupcake stamp and got busy.

I want to show you my first whoops!  This particular mistake is called a hickey in printer circles.  What causes a hickey is something on your stamp or on your printing press roller; but I just stick with the stamps...for now.  A hickey is a tiny circle.  I see it in printed pieces all the time (not from our shop!).  To get rid of mine, I rinsed off my stamp in cool water, flipped my paper over and tried again.  Easy fix!
quicke shadow
My idea for the card was to use summer bright popsicle colors.  I used a variety of dye inks to get the colors I wanted (Distress, Hero, Color Box).  I inked up the stamp with the lighter color and made a quick "shadow"  with a darker ink.  You can see the light and dark inks on this swirly cupcake row.   I made three rows with three different hues.
before "string"
ink smudge

Now for mistake number two and three. I must not have clean the purple off of my stamp and it showed up in the green cupcake.  I decided to pretend I meant to do that.  Julia Child taught me that.  Then I did the thing I always do-- I had ink on my finger and smeared it on my card.  Ugh!  I was going to emboss a small panel, but I decided to punch out black banners instead.  I wrote "happy birthday"with a white gel pen and really liked how that looked.  I felt like there were too many banners for hole punches and twine, so I used gems for holes and a Micron pen to draw string.

Shiny and really blue, really in real life

perfect pearls
all over stamping
For my second card, I wanted to play with Perfect Pearls.  Solid shapes look great with Perfect Pearls. My Woodland Deer stamp looks gorgeous with Perfect Pearls.

 I hadn't played with this medium in awhile so it was time.  Using Perfect Medium I did some all over stamping.  Then I decided to add gold, purple, and blue.  Which I hated, so I just went with the blue.  I trimmed it off and made a panel. 

I embossed celebrate from my Doodle Blossoms Stamp Set in Ranger Black Sparkle embossing powder.  I wrapped up the card with baker's twine and gems both from my stash to complete a visual triangle.

Now I'm hungry.  Cupcakes, anyone?

Happy day to you,


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Materials:  Materials come from my Etsy shop or Amazon where I buy most of my supplies because I live in the sticks.  And I'm always digging in my scraps, stash, and treasure box.

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