Mixed Media Valentine's Card

Hi y'all,

This week I've combined my two passions, card making and mixed media.  I wanted to make my sweet Joe a card, and I had so much fun that I made a bucket more.  Of course, I've wagged these cards all over the internet, so I suppose I need to make another one for him.  He enjoys surprises.

I've included a quick process video if you'd like to take a look.  Sadly, I edited the part where I sprayed fuschia ink on my hand  It was bright and spectacular and sparkly.  And it washed off!  Whew!

I used scraps that I had for a card base.  Then using book paper from a really terrible book I had to read in High School about the nuclear holocaust, I cut out wonky free hand hearts.  Seemed like a much better use for that read.

I stuck them on the card front with matte gel medium and let them dry with just a smidge of help from a heat tool.  I used Pitt Big Brush markers in brown and black to add shadows.  On paler backgrounds I used brown and more vivid backgrounds I used black.  I added highlights a smidge of pink with Scribble Sticks.

My favorite little technique was to ink up my Flexible Arrow Stamp and then swipe two tiny segments with a baby wipe.  When you stamp, the arrow seems to pierce the heart.  My arrow stamp is super cool because it's very bendy.
Awesome bendy arrow stamp

These cards  are pretty quick and fun to make.   There's plenty of time to make some for your sweeties.

Much love,

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