Floral Practice Art Journal and Finished Piece

Hi y'all,

Probably now you know that I have some very stubborn ideas about  art journaling.  The number one idea is that it doesn't have to be perfect.  Like I told myself in my bullet journal:  You are learning. To read more about art journaling click here.

 Today I'm sharing that process.  My art journal page helped me make changes to the finished piece above.

Some changes you may have observed are, using a thinner brush to make the stems.  The flower colors are different because I practiced with Liquitex acrylic paint, but the finished piece using Dina Wakely Heavy Body Paint in Fuschia and Cheddar.  Also I made the background much simpler.   I used the word Joy stamp along the stem instead of my Vintage Script Alphabet.  It's from my Fruits of the Spirit Stamp set.   I wanted to share my practice because it's a homely teacher and helped me improve.  

I know.  I didn't pay attention to the camera angle at the end.  Sigh....

Let's be kind to ourselves and each other.  After all we are still learning.  Some of us (me) need tons more practice, so I'll be busy in my art journal right after this.



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