5 Fabulous Ways to Use Mono prints

Hey y'all,

Birgit Koopsen has had this amazing 31 day gel plate challenge over at Instagram.  To check out her out of the box skills on Instagram she is @birgit_koopsen and if you'd like to peek at mine search for @pinkbunkadoo.  After this challenge I have an unruly pile of monoprints on the corner of my desk that absolutely would be a waste not to use.  Thus this post was born.

Use Number 1--gift wrapping

  I have a 12 x 14 plate that is perfect for deli paper, and deli paper is perfect for gift wrap.  Deli paper is quite thin and easier to fold, but a smidge more sturdy than tissue paper.  Wow your recipient with one of a kind gift wrap.
one of a kind wrap
Use Number 2 -- display your original art

Dina Wakely recently shared a photo of some of her art hanging in the guest room of her house.  She said we should live with our art.  Look through your mono prints and choose a favorite or two to display.
My tablet wallpaper
My sweet Joe's phone wallpaper
If you're not ready to display, snap a photo.  Mono prints are striking wallpapers for phones, tablets and computers.

This print will be in my Etsy store Pink Bunkadoo soon.

Use Number 3 --make elements for future projects.

Feathers for future projects
Cut those gel prints with punches and scissors and die cuts and you have your self some wow elements for future paper crafting.  Some always useful shapes are hearts, strips, boxes, and then your favorite that calls to you.  I'm super fond of hearts and leaves.  Butterflies from mono prints would be amazing.  I'm going to try that!

Use Number 4 --Really Speeding Card Making

Find a beautiful print and cut it to the size you need.  I cut mine to 4 x 5 1/4 for the cards I made.  

Then find a detailed stamp--one that is mostly black when you stamp it.  For my cards I used my Vintage Geranium stamp.  It is perfection for a quick mono print card.  Stamp your stamp in black.  I used Memento Tuxedo Black.  Add a sentiment a voila! a really quick card.
Quick card making

just a touch of mono print
background print
Use Number 5 -- Add some mono print to your art journal or mixed media project. 

Your personally made mono print add so much more than regular patterned paper.  You don't even have to use a lot.
a touch of mono print
a lot of mono print

Thanks for popping in.  I hope you find new ways to use your monoprints or a renewed interest in looking at what you've made a different way.


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