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Hi y'all,

June went by so fast, but I feel renewed after some rest, change of scenery, and time spent with family and friends.  I also spent time this year immersed in challenges.  Many artists and art companies offer challenges to promote their products, have giveaways, or just for the joy of art.

Why Challenge yourself?  I think because you get shoved right out of your comfort zone and grow.  People who enter the challenges are like us--traveler's on this art journey.  Some are better than us, some not, all are generally kind and helpful.
Show Us Your MEdia

Here are a few of my favorites:

Dina Wakely Mixed Media Tribe is a FaceBook group held together be an appreciation of Dina's luscuious art products.  Each month a new challenge is announced.  Hand in Hand with this is Ranger Ink's Show us your Media challenge.  They both have monthly challenges and offer prizes.  They both require you use Dina Wakely Media products.  She has a wide variety of stamps, stencils, and paints.  If you don't have one of her products, it's worth the investment.
Dina Wakely Media Tribe

Paper Artsy Challenge
Paper Artsy has a gorgeous blog and instead of a challenge they have a topic.  Every week they show stunning examples of the current topic using their products.  They invite us to play along with their topic, and would like us to use their products, but don't require it.  They also offer a prize.  I don't enter every challenge, but I'm amazed by what is possible.  And of course they have lovely products.

The super talented Kathy Racoosin hosts the 30 Day Coloring Challenging.  Her challenge is low stress and warm and welcoming. She encourages all to color a little everyday as she shares a trove of tips. This is a good place to get your feet wet if it's your first time to join a challenge. She just wrapped up a challenge, but she'll probably have another for all of us before too long.

30 Day Coloring Challenge

Hopefully you're inspired to join a challenge and push yourself as an artist.  If you have just the best idea for a challenge that I chould offer in the future, I'd want to hear it!!!

Now get out there!

Warm wishes,


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Pink Bunkadoo products used:

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