A Scrappy Post, a Sale, and Blog Candy!

Hey y'all,

Summer is buzzing by fast for this school teacher and pretty soon I'll will be hip deep in first graders.  Summer is great, but the start of a fresh school year is lovely, too.

 In the summer, I get to make something every day and those scraps pile up.  I committed myself to using some up.  I chose snips and bits of paper that looked great together and started there.
some paper scraps that can be friends

A great way to use up scraps is to make cards and I always need cards.  My first card is made with strips 
of the scrap paper I collected.  I was lining all the scraps up nicely and neatly when it struck me --that's not me.  So I made the next ones wonky.  I splattered on ink from a white acrylic paint pen.  My sentiment is from my Love Letters Stamp Set and says Hugs.  I outlined  hugs with the paint pen.  I felt like the card needed something when I looked at it (You know what I mean!)  So I add a dash line above the last strip with a fine line Sharpie.  This card took maybe 12 minutes and I think it's adorable!

For my next card I dug in my box is punches.  I found that was designed to hold a sentiment, but I wondered what a bunch of them would look like together.  I got to punching and punched and punched.  

The paper I used was double sided so I glued them in rows  of alternating colors.

Rabbit trail:  The gray paper is scrap waste from the print shop.  My sweet Joe knows I like interesting paper and the texture on this is luscious.  Print shops trim paper so there is always waste which they recycle, but I'd imagine they'd like to give cool paper to you.  Just ask.  Tell them Carolyn sent you --ha!

Meanwhile back on the craft desk....


I'm not ready at all to think about Christmas, but it was staring me in the face so I cut out jingle out of some gold vintage paper and poster paper.  (The jingle is Tim Holz die set. ) I layered them and my first Christmas card is done.  I'm ahead of the game!

Merry Christmas

For my last card I need to add a few more scraps, but don't worry--I have plenty!

I looked through my punches again and found a little banner punch.  After I punched up little banner I glued them to a split card front (half gray, half patterned)  I didn't hole punch and add string--I cheated!  I drew string and added a dot of Nuvo drops in Bubblegum Blush.   (The sentiment came from the Spellbinders Mystery Box this summer--what a steal.  They look to be sold out now but they do have some serious sales.) A few dash lines in my Sharpie added the final detail and now I have a Birthday Card ready.

I'm curious to see what other punches would make great cards.  I'll share on Instagram.

Love those scraps!


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  1. Cute cards! And such a wonderful use of all those little scraps! I especially like the birthday card!