Top 5 Crafty Posts of 2018

Hi y'all,

It's the end of the year and a good time for reflection.  It was a good year of creativity.  I even took time off to be a student again and enrolled in a few courses-- a worthwhile investment.  I spent serious time to bring balance to my life.  I decided to continue teaching first grade, but gave up some of the responsibilities that I've had for years to focus on my faith, family, teaching and art.  Thank you for traveling with me.

As you are a big part of my journey here, I wanted to celebrate your favorite posts for the year.  Number 5 in the list is :

5 Fabulous Ways to Use Monoprints

I had so much fun joining Birgit Koopsen's 30 day Gelli Print challenge.  Of course after the challenge I had a juicy pile of prints that I put to work and shared with you some ways to use them.  My favorite way is to tuck it into my work such as an art journal spread or an original card.  Read more here.

Number 4 is :

I also love free shipping, so I'll make sure I do that again!  In this post I shined some love on a few smaller, but very useful stamps and sent them away in the mail to you.  To read more click here.

Number 3:

Art journaling is not about perfection, but sometimes you make a choice that doesn't work with the piece.  Here's my story of one way to cover up something that makes your piece unbalanced or unfinishable.  Read more here.

Number 2:

I get this one being number 2.  Who doesn't want to win a prize and have awesome stamps on sale?  I'll make sure to do this again, too.  This post was all about using paper scraps instead of tossing them.  I have a real passion for saving paper and then finding the perfect pattern to complete my project.  Read more here.

And here is your number 1:

I'm a lucky girl.  Not only do I have an awesome mom, she moved to my town an few years back and I get to hang out with her at least once a week.  I created this card for her as part of a Paper Artsy challenge.  To read more click here.

I want to thank you again for spending this year with me.  We crossed 10,000 views this week and to celebrate that I'm sharing a 10 % coupon code for you: 10THANKS  It's good until January 6.

I have ideas percolating to share with you soon!!

Blessing on your 2019,


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