Hand Stamped Sentiment and Scraps Challenge

Hi y'all,

There are two things I believe in when I create.  First is that you should challenge yourself to grow.  Even if you feel overwhelmed or don't end up loving your project.  You did it!  It improveds your art.  The second thing  is to use up all those paper scraps.  Almost every project I work on creates scraps.  I married those two ideas in this card as part of the Hand Stamped Sentiments Challenge.
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beautiful scraps

It's true--scraps can run all over you.  To help I organize my scraps into 3 envelopes (plus a giant box which we are going to pretend doesn't exist).  One envelope is called poetically "Scraps".  It's full of larger scraps that could be card panels, die cut pieces, or elements on an art journal page.  The second one is calld "Bitty Scraps".  It has a lot of thinner strips that I can stamp sentiments on or join together to make a cool card panel.  And the last one is called "Mono prints" because they are special hand designed papers--not necessarily cut, just tucked in all together to make them easy to find.

bountiful scraps

From the scraps envelope I found the scripty paper I used for my card panel and flower die cuts.  From my bitty scraps I found the piece of corrugated blue cardboard, and finally from my cigar box (did I forget to mention that?) of ephemera I found the senteiment and enaamel jewel.

There were already blue splotches on the panel piece, but I continued them with a Tombow marker and I underlined the sentiment.  

It's truly amazing what you can create with scraps.  Save them.  At least save the very best ones in a box, envelope or a stack on your craft table.  You might surprise yourself in what you can create.

die cut flowers from scraps
Feeling enviromentallly virtous,


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  1. What a gorgeous card - and all used out of scraps I love the colours you've used - I'm with you I have separate baskets for my scraps and nothing goes to waste unless it's the teeniest tiniest piece of paper. Thanks for joining us at HSS this week.

    1. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed joining this challenge.

  2. Pretty card! I totally agree with you about using your scraps. Sometimes takes longer than normal but it's always satisfying when I do! Thank you for playing with us at the Hand Stamped Sentiments Challenge and hope you can join us again soon.

  3. Great job using up your scraps! It's always such a challenge for me :) Thank you for joining us at HSS!

    1. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed playing along.

  4. I'm so glad you were inspired by our sketch and your scraps to create such a beautiful card. I too save scraps and use them when I need to create a card quickly. Thanks for joining us at Hand Stamped Sentiments!

  5. You’re so kind. Thanks very much.