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Love your scraps!

Hi Y'all,

I'm feeling virtuous today because I'm using up scrap paper I've saved.  There's still a ton of use in those scraps and they can be an intriguing part of any project.  Today I'm going to show you how to make scrap paper paper so you can use an interesting collage in your work.  Here's a process video for you:

I like to glue my scraps onto lighter watercolor paper to make a new paper.  Just paint the paper with gel medium to glue your scraps down.  I made four different kinds of paper.

For the first one I glued horizontal stripes onto my paper, added some stenciling and turned it into a tag. I turned the tag so that the pattern would have a slant.

I glued the stripes horizontally on the second one and then die cut a bunch of hearts.  They will come in handy on cards, and in mixed media projects.

I just made a paper quilt with next scraps and then die cut them with a rectangle die ready for future cards.

For the last one I tore paper and adhered it higgly piggly.  When it dried I calmed the pattern down with some gesso.  I haven't dedided if I'm going to keep it whole or cut it down and use it in an art journal page. 

Next time I'll share what I'm using all that cool collage paper for.  Gather your scraps and get ready to create with me.



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