Art Journal Technique: Jar Lids

Hi y'all,

There's a surprising amount of interesting art tools in household objects.  One of my top favorites is jar lids.  I have a plastic gelato container with all kinds of lids inside.    They are perfect to trace, even though I have a circle master. Lids give you more patterns and variety.  I can even trace the top and bottom of the gelato container. But with my lids I can roll them in paint, or dip them  in paint.  I can throw them away if I muck them up or add to my collection anytime I find an interesting top.

my lid collection

For my art journal page I quickly spread some turquoise and some marine paint on my gesso covered page.  Then I scraped the paint with an old gift card (which is another great tool) to make the layer thin so I could see some of the white of the page.  Also I wanted the page smooth for tracing.

I traced three nesting lids with a Stabilo All Pencil and then retraced with Scribble Sticks that I dipped in water.  That's where my drips came from.  Add a spray of water should you want more drips, keeping in mind the black  pencil is water soluble as well.  I added an alchol ink heart in the center and some tiny writing.

The line of dots that draws in your eye were made with white and pink paint pens, and a black Sharpie ball point pen.  

Here are a few more jar lid circles art journal pages:
Free hand paper circles with lids dipped in paint

Tracing all the lids

Making the circles organic by free hand painting over the trace marks

I challenge you to collect household objects for art tools.  How about jar lids?



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