Tiny Canvases

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It's good to stretch yourself from your art journal book into a canvas, but a canvas can seem big and daunting.  So why not try tiny canvases first?

Let's go back.  I had a migraine one day so all I could do was lay down in a dark room with sunglasses on and watch Netflix because once you start something, it'll just keep playing.  That day I watched Marie Kondo's new show.  When I was recovered I decided to tackle the disaster that is my studio.  As I was tidying up, I found these tiny canvases I'd started a while ago.

That got me thinking and there out the window went the tidying (not forever).  I thought about how a tiny canvas is fun and easy for a first canvas.  I decided to gesso them with a lot of water to tone down what I'd started.
already started

The canvases had script tissue paper and some inking through a stencil, plus a smidge of line green paint.  Time had passed and I was over that palette.  
updated palette
I dripped Dylusions spray ink and a ton of water down the front on one side for an instant POW of color.  I used lime green paint on a sponge wedge through a smaller stencil.  Then I added doodles using pencil, pen,  and paint pens.

alcohol ink

The pink drip was obviously where I was going to put my focal point.  I adhered clusters of these die cut leaves tin the drip line.  They were cut from a piece of Yupo that I'd play on with alcohol inks.  The paper texture is very different and you run it through your die cutter a time or  two.  Take them out gingerly.
My spiritual practice is to attempt to love God with my heart, soul , and mind and my neighbor as myself.  I'm going to be practicing for a while it seems.  Any way those were the focus ideas of my canvases.

For heart I cut a heart from pink alcohol inked paper.  For soul I chose a draw a dove and for mind I chose a flower bud.  Because Yupo is nonporous,  takes for ever to dry ink on it that then wipes off easily, I drew with a pencil on the back side, cut my images out and then shaded them with Pitt Big Brush Markers.

These markers have India ink which dries permanently, but you have  a window to smudge the ink for a delicate shading.  That's what I did on all my focal images.  I also used the ink for the details on the dove.  

I took the stickers that said heart, soul and mind from my Paper Faith sticker collection.  Perfect words.

This was a quick project.  It's easily and fun.  Why not spread your creative wings to a canvas?


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