I'm Back and I Have a Trick for you.

Hi y'all, I'm back! It's true I've been a way for a while. Some of it was a bad case of imposter syndrome, some of it was caring for my mom through her final months, and some if it was deciding to retire from teaching first grade. January was spent in thinking about returning to this space. I'm going to make some changes that are hopefully better for everyone. I'm letting go of posting links for products. You should feel like you can use what you've already collected. You probably have favorite products just like I do. If you have a question about any product that I've used, just ask in the comment section. I'll only be sharing what I'm currently working on. I love mixed media so I might work in an art journal, make a card, paint a canvas, or make a hand-made book. It will be surprise. I plan to be here about once a month. Now let's dig in to my new art journal spread.
Sketching faces isn't easy for me though I practice a lot. There are hundreds of faces sketched on paper in my studio. Many never see the light of day. But sometimes there is a sketch I like, and I have an easy way of getting it in my journal. Watch to see. Drawing over a sketch and then very lightly spritzing it with water and pressing it down on the paper that I wish to use is my short cut. I use a Stabilo All pencil, but any water soluable medium should work. After the image is dry on your chosen surface you can draw over it to make your lines stand out and then glue it in your journal. For the very old paper, I used a glue stick. It still tore, but no matter I just glued it down too.
Sometime I journal on my page and some times I add a quote. I keep an eye out for good quotes on Pinterest and pin them to a board. Later I can look through and choose on that fits the feel of the art journal page. I use my everyday handwriting. You should be comfortable using yours. Your art journal is an expression of you--your thoughts and feeling at a particular moment. It's never about perfection which is absolutely over rated. You can see my handwriting below.
Thanks for dropping by. See you soon. Warmly, Carolyn Some helpful links: My Etsy Shop Pink Bunkadoo Instagram Ranger Ink where I purchased most of the supplies I used today

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