Making a toned background.

 Hi y'all,

Did March fly by for you?  I blinked and it's almost April.  Hopefully April brings rain.  We're in a serious drought in my home town.

Do you mind if I share a few adventures?  I volunteered to help paint a mural in one of our parks by a basketball court.  I met some kindred spirits and we had so much fun.  Here's where we left it.

Here's a bit that I worked on.

The lovely event coordinator gave me some extra paint.  Half of the items in my studio are leftovers from other people.  I'm happy to use them.  The paint was so lovely, I was inspired to create this landscape. It took three days for me to get it right.  Now it just needs a frame.

If it wasn't wonderful enough, Anat Ronen the muralist came to town. Her instagram account is absolutely amazing.  Lucky me, I'm taking a master class from her this evening.

Now for today's video.  You can watch it here.

Unfortunately, my phone is so old and I had so much trouble uploading it that there is no voice over. So I'll type through it.  I wanted to make a subtle but colorful background.  I started by dipping Scribble Sticks in water (Stabilo Woodies or Gelatos and other water soluable medium would work) and drew some rough rectanges.  Then I went around it with a warm gray paint.  A neutral gray would be beautiful, too. After it dried, I used white paint through a stencil.  Then I used the gray through a different stencil.  You can see me sketch a simple face thinking of that snippet of scripture -I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  If you'd like a lesson on drawing a face, Tam from Willowing and Dina Wakely both have videos on YouTube that really helped me.

By next month, I should have a new phone and maybe voice over on the video.  Mine is an iPhone 8.  Ancient.  

I wish you happy arting.  Here's your art quote of the month:

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - Pablo Picasso

My advice:  Art is for everyone.

Warm wishes,


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