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 Hi y'all,

I normally have a how-to tutorial with a healthy dose of art philosphy, but last month was challenging for me.  I got Covid for the first time three weeks ago, and I'm still struggling with symptoms.  Apparently it's hard for some people.  Because of this I thought I'd share my favorite internet artists in case you can't make it to your art space once day.

Hands down the best art newsletter is by Jeanne Oliver.  She shares what is currently inspiring her with links to books, videos, and great things to read.  You can find her site here: jeanneoliver Right now she has a sale on the many classes she offers by herself and other artist.  I imagine you'll find something there that you like.

Jeanne Oliver

A stunning Instagram story to follow is @paperhazell.  She is a Scottish artist and bookbinder of great skill who lives by the ocean and chooses to swim in that gorgeous ocean almost every day.  She posts a photo of her outdoor changing room almost every day.  You can expect to stunning ocean shot.  

She's even created a book called Todays Changing Room by Rachell Hazell and I really appreciate her newsletter as well.  There is usually a nice little book skill in every newsletter. You can find more about Rachell here: thetravellingbookbinder

Rachell Hazell

If you love art journallling as much as I do, I recommend signing up to be a supporter for Art of Dina Wakley.  Signing up to be a supporter is just $5 a month which comes with near weekly classes, free online classes and free other materials.  The supporters are a friendly bunch. Dina is warm, open and funny and happy to answer any questions which you can do in the supporter live videos. Dina is a well know designer of art journalling materials for Ranger Ink.  Ranger Ink is an American Company of art and craft supplies of excellent quality.  You can find her on Facebook as Art of Dina Wakely.  Here's where you can find out more about her: ponderings

Dina Wakley

Please share your favorite places on the internet.  I'd love to know.

Stay healthy,


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