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Hi y'all,

One of my crafty friends decided that we should try gelli plates and she got one for both of us.  I  think we both fell in love with the possibilities and the fun of making monoprints pretty quickly.

Here is a simple tutorial if you, too are a little curious about the gelli plate.

So why is mono printing cool? It had endless possibilities. You can make collage pieces for your art journal, you can make card backgrounds, and if you can't find the perfect piece of patterned paper you can make your own.

Collage pieces for an art journal
card background
custom paper
I like to mix a  little acrylic paint right on my plate, and smooth it and blend it with a brayer. I usually can take two prints, one less vivid then the other.  You can wipe your plate clean with water and cloth between color choices if you want, but I don't because I like other colors to sneak in for more interest.  

You can also "clean" your brayer off on scratch paper, but I just press my print with it.  Having paint on both sides gives me more options..  And I am a hard core recycler and try not to make to much waste. 

The top paper is the print and the bottom is the ghost print.

You can add more paint and lay a stencil or mask on top and press your background paper it.  You usually can pull a ghost print, too.

I was definitely on a gelli roll!  I love using my gelli plate and I recommend you try it.  A student 3x5 plate is not expensive.  Just remember perfection is not the goal--interest is.  And it's a little messy so cover that work space!

Happy printing,


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Maaterials:  All materials either come from my little Etsy shop of Amazon where I buy most of my supplies.

paper -- I used scrap paper from my hubby's print shop ( I'm a recycler), but you can get special gelli paper, or use mixed media or water color paper.

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