Simple Florals with Contrasting Colors

Hi y'all,

It's so great to be back in this space.  May for teachers is always all consuming with reports, last minute conferences, meetings, field trips and parties that being in my studio is rare.  I did make a pile of cards, but I only posted those on Instagram.  There was no time to write.

I have a project for you that I made a while back, and am now posting.  It's a lovely simple floral design with layets of texture and color.  Here's a video for you.

This is all inspired by Tam LaPorte.  I ran into a class bundle she was selling to raise money for tree plantings.  As I love art and nature I had to check it out.  Unfortunately the window for this bundle is closed, but she is very generous.  If you sign up for her newsletter she sends free videos to your mailbox and she has many freebies on her site.  And I've discovered her classes worth the money. Here is a link.

This project is my practice from one of her classes.   I started with putting collage elements down on my page which makes me happy as I always save every scrap for a future project.  Then is simple drawings with layers of color.  As you tryit, please feel free to use your favorite mediums--I did.  I don't usually post materials because I feel you probably have something similar that you can use.

Thanks a million for being here.  I adore your comments.

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Warmest wishes,


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