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Hi y'all,

It's so beautiful in the heart of hill country in Texas.  We've had rains (yay) and everything is green, full of life, and the temperature hasn't creeped to 100 yet.  I hope your summer is lovely and you've found time to create.

One nice thing about summer for teachers, is we have time to read.  I just finished the most brilliant book,  Steal like an Artist by Autstin Kleon.  This book is a clever combination of advice, affirmation and a kick in the pants. I love the hand drawn illustrations and how easily this book reads.  I can't reccommend this book enough.  You need one.

 I have a few sources to help you steal like an artist after you've read the book.  Helpful places for inspiration are blogs such as this one that walks you through a skill, technique  or philosphy of art journaling.  For inspiration click here.  Apps for your tablet like Bloglovin' help you find blogs that suit your interests.
It's about the process

Another free resource is YouTube tutorials.  When I discovered art journaling, I would search for tutorials for teach me how to do this art journal thing.  Yes, I went to YouTube U for my art degree!  For inspiration watch the video below.

Two other great places to find inspiration are Pinterest and Instagram.  Both can be used on a computer or handheld device.

My latest source of inspiration is the Collage Collective by Dina Wakely.  Her art journal work is bound in book for you to cut up and tuck in your art.  I have two.  One to steal from and one to use.  You can check it out here.

Inspiration is all around you and you are good enough right now to be on this art journey.  So get out there and steal!

Warmest wishes,


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