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Summer is the time we dream of getting away from our daily routines.  I'm about to head to the lake and spend time with my Mom, Aunt and Uncle, and cousins.  My daughter lives nearby so she's going to pop in for a bit, too.  Whenever I travel, I truly miss my art studio.  It has all of my wonderful toys: Paints, paper, stamps, markers, etc.  A few years ago I started taking some materials with me.  Today I want to share with you how I build my kit, hoping you get away for a bit this summer.
Let's talk paper.  Usually I grab some sheets of watercolor paper from the pad. Without measuring I fold the paper in the size that I want to travel with me. I soak a round watercolor brush with water and paint a line down the fold.  I tear the the wet fold.  If your paper isn't tearing easily, wet it again. For my birthday this year, I received a Dina Wakely Media White Journal which has lovely white cotton paper. The book  is thick, but small.  I'm going to pack it this year to see how I feel about it.

Along with paper I usually bring some sort of water soluable medium to work with.  I'ver taken Scribble Sticks and watercolors. The Scribble Sticks are richly pigmented, you can color with them like a crayon, dip it in water and it looks like a marker, or brush a full waterbrush on the tip to pick up pigment that acts like watercolor.  The Jane Davenport Palettes are richly pigmented for watercolors, but easily thinned out with water.  A handy tin holds the color and a palette.   Both are fantastic.  Both come in a variety of palettes.
Travel watercolors

Scribble Sticks

If you like mixed media like me add some small scissors, a pencil, a glue stick, and a black and white paint pen.    Then find a pencil or make up bag that makes you happy to tuck your supplies in.  I found my canvas pencil pouch in a bargain bin. I have a tiny, adorable glass jar that I always bring, too. 

I've shared some of my very favorite products to work and travel with,  If you've found something amazing, please tell.

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Watercolor paper

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