Extra Paint

 Hi y'all,

Are you like me?  Do you always have extra paint on your brush or pallette? My pallette is a tacky plastic Halloween plate from bygone times, and there is always paint on it.  Beatiful, beautiful paint that I hate to waste. I'm going to share three simple ways to use up your paint quickly for your next project or page.

Number one: Simply swipe paint on a blank art journal page.  Now you aren't starting with an empty page,you have color and expressive strokes to work from.

Do you see the orange paint in the background?  That was left over from another day.

Number two: make circles, squares, or other simple shape on book paper or other interesting paper you might have.  One of my favorite papers for this technique is wet strentgh tissue paper because on a pale background the tissue becomes sheer if covered front and back with gel medium.
Green and white blended circles with leftover paint on bookpaper.

Thirdly, if you have a variety of colors on your pallette, its fun to make simple flowers.  Simple flowers can be circles or lines.  One the page below you'll see flowers made from painting a v and then adding an extra line.  They look quite nice all together. I've even used brown, but in a mass of flowers it fades into shadow.
V flowers

Those are my three simiple ways to use up extra paint.  Of course there are many more.  Let me know if you'd like a few more or share some cool ones you have.



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My art quote of the month--"There is no must in art because art is free" Wassily Kandinsky

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