Making a Vertical Collage


Hi y'all,

Before I share how to make vertical collages, I'd like to introduce Henry our new kitty.

We found him after Thanksgiving behind our downtown shop--a tiny starving thing.  My son fed him and acclimated him to people, and then I took him home.  

It isn't easy adopting a feral cat.  He was a bit rough sometime and tried to eat your dinner for you, but now he's enjoying the life of a house cat.  We thought he was a kitten, but he's full grown and and no longer undernourished.

Now let's get back to those vertical collages which are great for beginners.  A vertical collage has pieces running vertically or top to bottom instead of side to side.  I believe that vertical collages look better if they have an odd numer of pieces.  The one above has 5 background pieces plus two focal point pieces which gives you seven pieces in all.  So consider every element you lay down for your collage.  If something looks off count the pieces.  Chances are you have an even number of things and need to add one more.

I like to choose a few colors and perhaps and marker or two and paint my own paper for tearing or cutting into collage papers.  A gelli print is also excellent for these types of collages.  You can read about how I do that here. Mother boards

As for focal points some of my favorites are stamps colored with dampened Dina Wakley Media Scribble Stick likr the moth below..  Black inked stamp impressions would be great.  Words cut from a magazine or handwritten finish a collage nicely. I like digging through odds and ends to see what I can find.  I used an old key once.

You can watch the basic process here.

Here are a few more examples that are a bit more complicated:

I save my coolest scraps in a box so vertical collages come together easily.   I love making these, and I hope you try.



I don't use sponsor links for products, but if you are curious about any supplies I've used I'll share where they came from.

My art quote of the month--"Everything is hard before it is easy." Goethe

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