I love paper!

Hey y'all,

Here's a new and exciting product for you --paper kits.  These kits are a delightful collection of paper and ephemera (over 100 pieces ) for cardmaking, scrapbooking, collage, and mixed media.

These kits are full of gifts from companies and friend, print shop or antique finds, or handmade by me.  You'll find a variety of colors and textures.

For texture lovers and crafters who need neutral colors to complete their works, I've created the neutral kit.  It's fantastic.

I'm working on a fun travel one right now.  

If you're looking for a deal, there is a sale running at my shop Pink Bunkadoo.  There you'll find 15% off on all stamp sets and some brand new stamps for a steal.

Wear green tomorrow,


Art Journal Technique: Jar Lids

Hi y'all,

There's a surprising amount of interesting art tools in household objects.  One of my top favorites is jar lids.  I have a plastic gelato container with all kinds of lids inside.    They are perfect to trace, even though I have a circle master. Lids give you more patterns and variety.  I can even trace the top and bottom of the gelato container. But with my lids I can roll them in paint, or dip them  in paint.  I can throw them away if I muck them up or add to my collection anytime I find an interesting top.

my lid collection

For my art journal page I quickly spread some turquoise and some marine paint on my gesso covered page.  Then I scraped the paint with an old gift card (which is another great tool) to make the layer thin so I could see some of the white of the page.  Also I wanted the page smooth for tracing.

I traced three nesting lids with a Stabilo All Pencil and then retraced with Scribble Sticks that I dipped in water.  That's where my drips came from.  Add a spray of water should you want more drips, keeping in mind the black  pencil is water soluble as well.  I added an alchol ink heart in the center and some tiny writing.

The line of dots that draws in your eye were made with white and pink paint pens, and a black Sharpie ball point pen.  

Here are a few more jar lid circles art journal pages:
Free hand paper circles with lids dipped in paint
Tracing all the lids

Making the circles organic by free hand painting over the trace marks

I challenge you to collect household objects for art tools.  How about jar lids?



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My Scrappy Heart Valentine card

Hi y'all,

With my tummy full of homemade gumbo on a cold, wet day I pulled out my scap paper paper to make a valentine for my sweet Joe.  To see how to make your own scrap paper paper, click here.   I also dug into my paper scrap envelope, too.

Here are the scraps that I chose to make this card.  There was enough kraft cardstock for a card base.

To make the heart stand out a bit more on this card, I swiped  Vintage Photo Distress Ink around the edges.

After I folded my card base, I trimmed the yellow scrap to fit at the bottome of the card.  And the heart looked great tilted at an angle on the far right of the card.  To gift the heart some shine I painted Wink of Stella over it.

To complete the card I used my Flexible Arrow Stamp  along the botton of the Kraft paper and an XOXO  stamp from an older Simon Says Stamp Card Kit. 

Joe went into my studio and saw the card on my table.  I guess I'm making a new Valentine's Day card!  But your sweetie hasn't seen it yet, so go ahead and make one.



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Pink Bunkadoo products used:

Flexible Arrow Stamp

Marks of Faith Project - January

Hi y'all,

At the beginning of the year, I shared my idea of putting my faith in art when I found a Bible verse that spoke to me.  Then at the end of the month I would collect them all here.  If you want to start at the beginning click here. The project is on YouTube, but I wanted to make it easier to share with you here, too. 
Art Marks Journal Cover

The second week of January was inspired by Luke 6.  This spoke to me because I tend to be very generous, but get my feelings hurt when it's just me thinking I'm the only generous one.  The verse said to do good and be generous expecting nothing in return.  My mistake was I had expectations.  

You can see the process video here.

The next page is a Psalm that urges patience.  Need I say more?  We want what we want when we want it.

Here is the process video.

Last week I was inspired by Jesus' words about how to live this life,  and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who urged us to conquer hate with love to change the world.  If we could love our neighbors how beautiful this world would be.  I'm still working on loving others.

The process video is here.

Next week I'll share an art journal page that I made with the scrap paper paper.  Also, I've done a little tidying (very little) and found some stamps and dies that  are still unopened.  I'm going to add them to my etsy shop soon along with some collage kits I've curated.



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Pink Bunkadoo products used:

Flexible Arrow Stamp

Scrap Paper Paper

Love your scraps!

Hi Y'all,

I'm feeling virtuous today because I'm using up scrap paper I've saved.  There's still a ton of use in those scraps and they can be an intriguing part of any project.  Today I'm going to show you how to make scrap paper paper so you can use an interesting collage in your work.  Here's a process video for you:

I like to glue my scraps onto lighter watercolor paper to make a new paper.  Just paint the paper with gel medium to glue your scraps down.  I made four different kinds of paper.

For the first one I glued horizontal stripes onto my paper, added some stenciling and turned it into a tag. I turned the tag so that the pattern would have a slant.

I glued the stripes horizontally on the second one and then die cut a bunch of hearts.  They will come in handy on cards, and in mixed media projects.

I just made a paper quilt with next scraps and then die cut them with a rectangle die ready for future cards.

For the last one I tore paper and adhered it higgly piggly.  When it dried I calmed the pattern down with some gesso.  I haven't dedided if I'm going to keep it whole or cut it down and use it in an art journal page. 

Next time I'll share what I'm using all that cool collage paper for.  Gather your scraps and get ready to create with me.



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