Covering an Art Journal Mistake.

Hi y'all,

Don't you hate it when you are just arting along, and then something doesn't go right? Or maybe even terrible wrong?  I make mistakes all the time.  Some I just shrug off and live with, and others I can't accept.  Here's one story of how I recovered from an art journal mistake.

I'd seen a catalog cover with a beautiful fall branch. When I saw it, my fingers just itched to paint some like it.  I'm not strong at drawing just yet, so I use my cheat--tracing paper.  I don't trace over everything, just the basic shape.

I decided to use cradle board.  After all an art journal is for practice, self-expression, and experimentation, but some times it's good to try a different substrate. I prefer it to canvas.

 Scrapping texture paste through a stencil gave me a harlequin pattern randomly through my board.

Using matte media, I adhered some dictionary paper slightly to the right of the board.  When it dried, I traced it.

Heavy body paint in a gold and an olive gave my leaves their base color, and gelatos were perfect for shading. I outlined everything in a Stabilo all pencil.  We were off to a great start after this step.  I was so please that I'd decided to record the process.

And then I stuck the bird on it.  The composition was clunky and everything was to much the same colors.  Ugh!  I cleaned up my supplies and walked away.  For a week.

I can only handle a small photo of this mess!
Oh, I'd look at it every morning and shake my head.  I was so frustrated I didn't even feel like making anything.  I thought of gessoing over it and starting over, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to lose the paper.  When you paint over paint you change the surface you're working on   It is slicker and noticeablly shinier.  I didn't want to do that.

Then one morning it hit me--I would just cover the bird up with more paper which would keep my surface workable.  The other thing I realized is I needed contrast.  All this olive and gold was bumming me out.  I mixed turquoise paint with gesso and water to make it fluid and painted here and there on the back ground.
I toned down the blue with more gesso and splatterd gray and white.  I also dripped grey along the edges.  It worked.  The bird was gone and my piece wasn't all the same color.
Surpirse! Surprise! A piece of coordingating gelli print just happened to be laying on my table ( along with a giant pile of other prints in many colors.  I may have a problem). I cut them into leaf shapes and added detail with a Stabilo All pencil.  A little scribbling and journaling completed my success story.

Our lesson this wee?  Hmmm.  Put a problem on the back burner? Cover all your mistakes with paper and a serious amount of gel medium?  You tell me.



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World Card Making Day. Focus: Sympathy Cards

Hey y'all,

I wanted to give a shout out to the humble sympathy card.  It doesn't have all the bells, whistles, sequins, and shimmer of any other card, but it is a very kind card to make.  Like many of you,  I've lost important people in my life and have received a sympathy card in the mail.  It's quite surprising how much a kind word during a hard time can mean. 

I'm pretty opinionated about sympathy cards.  Please listen to my advice and then go do as you please. 

All of my cards were stamped with my Blessings Stamp set.  They were designed for such moments.

I believe a sympathy card should be rather simple.  After all it's not about the card maker, is it?  I love mono prints, and I have scads of them--really too much.  But I turn to subtle patterns for a sympathy card.  I cut them all into an A-2 size. 

My favorite stamp in my Blessings Stamp Set is the one that says "May the Lord bless you and keep you".  It is a smidge of a very beautiful blessing in the Bible.  I often hand wrote this blessing on sympathy, graduation, thinking of you, and other cards.  It is the whole reason for this stamp set.  I used this very stamp on my first card.  I stamped in Memento Tuxedo Black ink with my Vintage Geranium stamped in Majestic Blue Versa Ink on the side.  Tone on tone generally gives an understated look.  I mounted the panel on some gray card stock I gleaned at the print shop. 

My second card is not exactly a mono print.  When I wanted to clean my Gelli Plate, I sprayed it with a good bit of water, and then sopped up the paint with some water color paper.  It's great because my plate is clean and I have interesting paper. 

I stamped Praying for you and looked at the card panel.  It was a bit modern looking, so I added some sketchy circles using the inside of my foam tape as a guide.  Then I added Nuvo drops, but it wasn't necessary.

I have a jar of lids, but used foam tape.
The last mono print I chose was a pastel background that I had previously stenciled flowers in gold paint.  It was bright enough so I only added my sentiment on rice paper and die cut it with a rectangle die set.  Rice paper is more opaque than vellum and let's you use adhesive on the back.  Then I added a few Nuovo drops.  The drops were too vivid, so I popped sequins on top.  It was still too bright so I add clear Nuvo drops on top of the sequins--better.  Gray paper toned everything down.

Now for the hard part--what to write.  I'm going to share what I've learned from some lovely sympathy cards I've received.:

1. Share a memory of the deceased.
2.  Acknowledge the horrible loss.
3. Add a few words of comfort: scripture, offers of aid, how much you value the recipient, and what ever lovely thing you think of.

I do not recommend  using the Praying for You stamp unless you are committed to do so.

I hope you find this helpful and encourages you to offer sympathy to a friend or neighbor.



Pink Bunkadoo products used:

Blessings Stamp Set

Vintage Geranium Stamp

Artist Trading Coins

Hi y'all,

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  I missed you!  I was neck deep in Art Journal Summer School and then actual school began.  I'm starting to feel things are normal.  I just hope I didn't just jinx myself!  I'm hoping to share my Art Journal Summer School pieces in the next week or two.

But this week it's all about Artist Trading Coins.  I follow Paper Artsy Blog because it's full of whimsical and beautiful art, and we are always invited to play along.  This month's topic is Artist Trading Coins.  Like Artist Trading Cards they are small bits of art to share, just in a round form.  To find out more, click here.
bonus image of my well loved craft sheet :)

I begain my coins, by choosing a mono print. Mono prints are a great way to add instant color and texture.  They are ready made backgrounds. Then using my 2 1/2 circle punch, I popped out six colorful circles.  I went around the outside of the circles with a black Pitt Big Brush Marker.

I have one cherished Paper Artsy stamp set called ETS02.  I used the smaller stamps to add these small circles on my paper circles.  They are so cool! I added details with black and white markers.  Perfect.

Next I chose some Doodle Blossoms from my Doodle Blossoms Stamp set and stamped them in Memento Tuxedo Black ink.  I colored them with Copic markers.  After fussy cutting them, I arranged the blooms on the circles.  When they were arranged to my liking, I adhered them with matte medium.  When they were dry I added details with black and white markers. A few Nuvo drops finished off the blossom details.

For the finishing details I added some stickers from my Paper Poetry and Paper Faith collections.  I used a Stabilo pencil to outline the stickers.  
Artist Trading Coins
These coins are quick and fun to make.  They are great to trade with crafty buddies or even to add to a project.  You gotta try them!



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Hey y'all,
I'm back to school officially today so I know my crafty art lifestyle is going to placed on the back burner.  For many of you school means more crafty time so I wanted to do this giveaway.  If you are not the lucky winner today, worry not because I hae a 30% of storewide sale going on in August and you can still get yourself a prize.

Here are a few favs:
Love letters Stamp set

Vintage Geranium

Blessings Stamp set and Doodle Blossoms Stamp set
Happy New (school) Year!


P.S. Winners share your address and a prize will soon be yours!

A Scrappy Post, a Sale, and Blog Candy!

Hey y'all,

Summer is buzzing by fast for this school teacher and pretty soon I'll will be hip deep in first graders.  Summer is great, but the start of a fresh school year is lovely, too.

 In the summer, I get to make something every day and those scraps pile up.  I committed myself to using some up.  I chose snips and bits of paper that looked great together and started there.
some paper scraps that can be friends

A great way to use up scraps is to make cards and I always need cards.  My first card is made with strips 
of the scrap paper I collected.  I was lining all the scraps up nicely and neatly when it struck me --that's not me.  So I made the next ones wonky.  I splattered on ink from a white acrylic paint pen.  My sentiment is from my Love Letters Stamp Set and says Hugs.  I outlined  hugs with the paint pen.  I felt like the card needed something when I looked at it (You know what I mean!)  So I add a dash line above the last strip with a fine line Sharpie.  This card took maybe 12 minutes and I think it's adorable!

For my next card I dug in my box is punches.  I found that was designed to hold a sentiment, but I wondered what a bunch of them would look like together.  I got to punching and punched and punched.  

The paper I used was double sided so I glued them in rows  of alternating colors.

Rabbit trail:  The gray paper is scrap waste from the print shop.  My sweet Joe knows I like interesting paper and the texture on this is luscious.  Print shops trim paper so there is always waste which they recycle, but I'd imagine they'd like to give cool paper to you.  Just ask.  Tell them Carolyn sent you --ha!

Meanwhile back on the craft desk....


I'm not ready at all to think about Christmas, but it was staring me in the face so I cut out jingle out of some gold vintage paper and poster paper.  (The jingle is Tim Holz die set. ) I layered them and my first Christmas card is done.  I'm ahead of the game!

Merry Christmas

For my last card I need to add a few more scraps, but don't worry--I have plenty!

I looked through my punches again and found a little banner punch.  After I punched up little banner I glued them to a split card front (half gray, half patterned)  I didn't hole punch and add string--I cheated!  I drew string and added a dot of Nuvo drops in Bubblegum Blush.   (The sentiment came from the Spellbinders Mystery Box this summer--what a steal.  They look to be sold out now but they do have some serious sales.) A few dash lines in my Sharpie added the final detail and now I have a Birthday Card ready.

I'm curious to see what other punches would make great cards.  I'll share on Instagram.

Love those scraps!


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Art Journal Page for Artful Evidence Facebook group

Hi y'all,

Last week I wrote to you about why challenges are good for us, but I saved one to talk about this week.  I'm part of the Facebook group Artful Evidence founded by the talented Rachel Black.  Each week the group receives a new challenge like flowers, greenery, landscape, and many others.  We post to an album.  It always amazes me how supportive this little group is. If you are just getting your feet wet in art journaling this is the group for you.  Just go to Facebook and search for Artful Evidence.

This last week was week 20 and it was free choice, so I decided to practice making dolls.  I'm taking Art Journal Summer School class led by Marieke Blok and she shared how she makes dolls.  I used some of her techniques and a few others to create a doll for my free choice post.

Here's a process video of the page:

You may have noticed I've stopped sharing materials on my blog.  There are so many luscious materials to choose from that will do a great job.  I use the materials that I'm most comfortable with or that will work best for  a particular project.  If you are curious about a particular product that I use, leave a comment and I'll share with you!

I hope to see you on Artful Evidence or another challenge soon!

Warm wishes,


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