Art Journal Technique: Blowing

Hi y'all,

There's an idea out there that can be defeating to people getting into art journaling:  an artist has the idea mapped out completely before starting.  Oh, I'm sure some artist can do that, but there is another philosophy.  This philosophy is that letting art happen organically, naturally without tight control .  This practice can lead to amazing results. For a someone like me that never found the perfectionist within, it's joy.  It's like play and experimenting rolled into one.

Here's a video showing you every little thing I did.

Often I like to choose a technique to start with.  For this page I chose blowing pigment with a straw.  This technique works well with watercolors,  water soluble crayons--actually with any water soluble medium.  I scribbled on the bottom of my spread with Scribble Sticks, wet it with a water brush, and then blew with the straw.  Since I chose not to  gesso, I did use a lot of water.

blowing technique

I used three cool colors and allowed them to mix and mingle at the bottom where they all connected.  This technique is like dripping where you add your medium at the top, spray it with water and tilt your page.

I wanted to add some texture so I tore some gelli prints up and added those with matte medium.  It started to look like a plant,  so I decided to add a bee stamp.  Stamping on a started page can be scary.  I've done that before and made a mess.  I solved that little dilemma and you can click here to find out how to fix mistakes on your page.  Instead of stamping on my page I stamped on plain old white tissue paper.  Using a water brush I went around the bee without letting the water touch the stamped image.  Then I gently tore the image out.  I put matte medium on my page where I wanted the bee and then placed the bee on that spot and smoothed it out.  Don't put matte medium directly on the tissue--it will fall apart. I know all about that!

Now that the bee was added the page was begging for a flower.  I looked at flower images on Pinterest. ( I created a flower inspiration board to use when I need a flower. ) With a few strokes of the Scribble Sticks I made the general shape of the flower an then sketchily went around it with a dip pen and India ink.  Then I journaled along the stem.

Of course splatters make all the difference so I added them along the way.

I hope you try this technique and play.

Warm and toasty wishes,


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Hand Stamped Sentiment and Scraps Challenge

Hi y'all,

There are two things I believe in when I create.  First is that you should challenge yourself to grow.  Even if you feel overwhelmed or don't end up loving your project.  You did it!  It improveds your art.  The second thing  is to use up all those paper scraps.  Almost every project I work on creates scraps.  I married those two ideas in this card as part of the Hand Stamped Sentiments Challenge.
Click here to learn more.

beautiful scraps

It's true--scraps can run all over you.  To help I organize my scraps into 3 envelopes (plus a giant box which we are going to pretend doesn't exist).  One envelope is called poetically "Scraps".  It's full of larger scraps that could be card panels, die cut pieces, or elements on an art journal page.  The second one is calld "Bitty Scraps".  It has a lot of thinner strips that I can stamp sentiments on or join together to make a cool card panel.  And the last one is called "Mono prints" because they are special hand designed papers--not necessarily cut, just tucked in all together to make them easy to find.

bountiful scraps

From the scraps envelope I found the scripty paper I used for my card panel and flower die cuts.  From my bitty scraps I found the piece of corrugated blue cardboard, and finally from my cigar box (did I forget to mention that?) of ephemera I found the senteiment and enaamel jewel.

There were already blue splotches on the panel piece, but I continued them with a Tombow marker and I underlined the sentiment.  

It's truly amazing what you can create with scraps.  Save them.  At least save the very best ones in a box, envelope or a stack on your craft table.  You might surprise yourself in what you can create.

die cut flowers from scraps
Feeling enviromentallly virtous,


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Marks of Faith Art Journal

Happy New Year,

I'm wishing creativity and peace of us all!  Last year was a long study of balancing my life.  I love teaching first grade, but I'd taken on additional responsibilities at school for years and made the big decision to give those extra responsibilities away.  I ended 2018 content.
The cover of my journal

It's so shiny!
First page
It's so shiny,too!
But here we are at 2019.  While I'm not a resolution maker, I am wanting to set an intention of dwelling on my faith more.  I decided that since I was reading my verse every morning that the one that  really stuck with me, I'd create an art journal page for.

Here's a video that shows you every little thing.

My hope is to make one a week on YouTube and then at the end of every month collect them on this blog.

Enough about me. What are your aspirations for this year?

Warm and toasty wishes,


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Top 5 Crafty Posts of 2018

Hi y'all,

It's the end of the year and a good time for reflection.  It was a good year of creativity.  I even took time off to be a student again and enrolled in a few courses-- a worthwhile investment.  I spent serious time to bring balance to my life.  I decided to continue teaching first grade, but gave up some of the responsibilities that I've had for years to focus on my faith, family, teaching and art.  Thank you for traveling with me.

As you are a big part of my journey here, I wanted to celebrate your favorite posts for the year.  Number 5 in the list is :

5 Fabulous Ways to Use Monoprints

I had so much fun joining Birgit Koopsen's 30 day Gelli Print challenge.  Of course after the challenge I had a juicy pile of prints that I put to work and shared with you some ways to use them.  My favorite way is to tuck it into my work such as an art journal spread or an original card.  Read more here.

Number 4 is :

I also love free shipping, so I'll make sure I do that again!  In this post I shined some love on a few smaller, but very useful stamps and sent them away in the mail to you.  To read more click here.

Number 3:

Art journaling is not about perfection, but sometimes you make a choice that doesn't work with the piece.  Here's my story of one way to cover up something that makes your piece unbalanced or unfinishable.  Read more here.

Number 2:

I get this one being number 2.  Who doesn't want to win a prize and have awesome stamps on sale?  I'll make sure to do this again, too.  This post was all about using paper scraps instead of tossing them.  I have a real passion for saving paper and then finding the perfect pattern to complete my project.  Read more here.

And here is your number 1:

I'm a lucky girl.  Not only do I have an awesome mom, she moved to my town an few years back and I get to hang out with her at least once a week.  I created this card for her as part of a Paper Artsy challenge.  To read more click here.

I want to thank you again for spending this year with me.  We crossed 10,000 views this week and to celebrate that I'm sharing a 10 % coupon code for you: 10THANKS  It's good until January 6.

I have ideas percolating to share with you soon!!

Blessing on your 2019,


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Paper Artsy's Days of Christmas

Hi y'all,

Peace be with you this holiday season.  I imagine you all elbows deep in crafts.  I've been making handmade journals and travel books for friends--I'll share soon.  I wish all of you time.  That's the thing I always need more of.  This summer and fall I took serious time of to be a student again and took some art and art journal classes.  So challenging.

Now I'm back sharing this most adorable stamp set by Paper Artsy.  I pestered them on every social media for the release date and finally was able to buy a set.  Now they are making Christmas cards. To find out more click here.  You'll find lovely things.

I made this card with the first day of Christmas.  I stamped this precious girl on some vanilla card scrap and I also stamped a mask with Post it Tape.

I had fun with a Versa Mark pen making circles of snow falling which I then embossed.  This I sprayed pink and blue shimmer sprays over all.

When everything was dry, I peeled off the tape and smiled.  It's always great to see the difference between your stamped image and the background.  I stamped just the dress on some gelli print I had and stuck it down with glue stick.  I painted the heart with a pink paint pen and then decided to make the bow, her cheeks, and the part of the partridge pink as well.  I used colored pencils on her face and the pears.  To add the shimmer Christmas calls for I used Wink of Stella on the crown and the little heart.

I put it all on bright pink paper and found a fun green envelope to go with.

I know I'll use this stamp set again and again and again.  I hope Santa brings me days 6-12 next year.

Wishing you peace,


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Covering an Art Journal Mistake.

Hi y'all,

Don't you hate it when you are just arting along, and then something doesn't go right? Or maybe even terrible wrong?  I make mistakes all the time.  Some I just shrug off and live with, and others I can't accept.  Here's one story of how I recovered from an art journal mistake.

I'd seen a catalog cover with a beautiful fall branch. When I saw it, my fingers just itched to paint some like it.  I'm not strong at drawing just yet, so I use my cheat--tracing paper.  I don't trace over everything, just the basic shape.

I decided to use cradle board.  After all an art journal is for practice, self-expression, and experimentation, but some times it's good to try a different substrate. I prefer it to canvas.

 Scrapping texture paste through a stencil gave me a harlequin pattern randomly through my board.

Using matte media, I adhered some dictionary paper slightly to the right of the board.  When it dried, I traced it.

Heavy body paint in a gold and an olive gave my leaves their base color, and gelatos were perfect for shading. I outlined everything in a Stabilo all pencil.  We were off to a great start after this step.  I was so please that I'd decided to record the process.

And then I stuck the bird on it.  The composition was clunky and everything was to much the same colors.  Ugh!  I cleaned up my supplies and walked away.  For a week.

I can only handle a small photo of this mess!
Oh, I'd look at it every morning and shake my head.  I was so frustrated I didn't even feel like making anything.  I thought of gessoing over it and starting over, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to lose the paper.  When you paint over paint you change the surface you're working on   It is slicker and noticeablly shinier.  I didn't want to do that.

Then one morning it hit me--I would just cover the bird up with more paper which would keep my surface workable.  The other thing I realized is I needed contrast.  All this olive and gold was bumming me out.  I mixed turquoise paint with gesso and water to make it fluid and painted here and there on the back ground.
I toned down the blue with more gesso and splatterd gray and white.  I also dripped grey along the edges.  It worked.  The bird was gone and my piece wasn't all the same color.
Surpirse! Surprise! A piece of coordingating gelli print just happened to be laying on my table ( along with a giant pile of other prints in many colors.  I may have a problem). I cut them into leaf shapes and added detail with a Stabilo All pencil.  A little scribbling and journaling completed my success story.

Our lesson this wee?  Hmmm.  Put a problem on the back burner? Cover all your mistakes with paper and a serious amount of gel medium?  You tell me.



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